Cruising Podcasts: Five Fave Cruise-Related Podcasts

I’m a podcast junkie. I listen to podcasts while I do housework, primarily, but also while driving and doing errands. I’m that person you’ll see walking around Costco wearing earbuds. Most likely, it’s a podcast I’m listening to! My podcast subscriptions focus on true crime, entrepreneurship, blogging and science. I also  listen to podcasts about travel and of course, I listen to cruising podcasts! I learn so much by listening to podcasts, it almost feels like I’m cheating. It’s amazing how cruise experts are willing to share information, tricks and tips with their listeners. In order to pass on this spirit of generosity, I’ve put together a guide to my favourite cruising podcasts. All of these cruising podcasts can be found on Apple iTunes, and I’ve included a handy subscription link for each, below.

Essential Cruise Tips

Host: Gary Bembridge, travel writer, YouTuber and podcaster

Home on the web: Essential Cruise Tips

Main topic: All kinds of cruise-related discussions, from itineraries, dining and excursions to how to avoid missing the ship (I still can’t believe there are people who do this).

Format/episode length: Gary’s podcast episodes are brief. Most episodes are only a few minutes long, each featuring one useful tip for cruise travelers.

Number of episodes: As of the date of this blog post, Gary has posted 114 episodes. That’s a lot of useful tips!

Subscribe to Essential Cruise Tips via iTunes here.

Royal Caribbean Blog Podcast

Host: Royal Caribbean mega-fan and enthusiast Matt Hochberg, creator and writer of  Royal Caribbean Blog (not affiliated with Royal Caribbean International)

Home on the web: Royal Caribbean Blog

Main topic: All things Royal Caribbean. Matt’s podcast includes previews and reviews of Royal Caribbean ships and excursions, including dining options and activities on board as well as information about ports of call. Some episodes are about cruising in general, but most prominently feature Royal Caribbean.

Format/episode length: Matt’s episodes usually start out with a discussion of news items related to Royal Caribbean, followed by a topic such as a cruise review. The podcasts end with Matt responding to listener e-mails.

Number of episodes: As of the date of this blog post, Matt has posted 207 episodes.

Subscribe to Royal Caribbean Blog Podcast via iTunes here.

Cruise Radio

Host: Doug Parker, creator

Home on the web: Cruise Radio

Main Topic: Cruise ship news and reviews, focusing on ocean cruises

Format/episode length: Doug frequently chats with cruise expert Sherry, also known as Cruise Maven. He frequently features interviews with folks who’ve recently cruised and asks them a regular series of questions about their time on board. Most episodes are about 30 minutes in length, perfect for listening to while commuting!

Number of episodes: As of the date of this blog post, Doug has posted a whopping 442 episodes.

Subscribe to Cruise Radio via iTunes here.

River Cruise Radio

Host: Doug Parker, creator of Cruise Radio

Home on the web: River Cruise Radio

Main Topic: At the request of listeners of Cruise Radio, Doug has created this spin-off which focuses on river cruising as opposed to ocean cruising.

Format/episode length: Episode formats are similar to that of Cruise Radio News, but about half the duration. Expect episodes to last about 15 minutes.

Number of episodes: As of the date of this blog post, Doug has posted 46 episodes of River Cruise Radio.

Subscribe to River Cruise Radio via iTunes here.

Always Be Booked

Host: Florida resident and cruise enthusiast Tommy Casabona

Home on the web: While Always Be Booked doesn’t seem to have its own website, Tommy has created a Facebook group where listeners can interact.

Main Topic: Tommy’s podcast is more like an audio blog about cruising than a news or educational resource. He likes to discuss the topics that other writers and social media travel experts don’t approach. In one episode, he talks about what it’s really like to be a crew member living and working on board a cruise ship. Most noteworthy, Tommy’s mannerisms and casual, humourous approach make this entertaining podcast worth checking out.

Format/episode length: Anything goes! For example, some episodes feature interviews and reviews while others aim to be educational about cruising in general. Skip the 7-minute “Press Conference Announcement” which feels like an infomercial for a weight loss product. Episode length ranges from the 4-minute “Drunk on the Oasis” to the epic 2 hour, 6-minute “Vista vs Escape Showdown.”

Number of episodes: As of the date of this blog post, Tommy has posted 44 episodes.

Subscribe to Always be Booked via iTunes here.

Do you listen to travel or cruising podcasts? Tell me about them in the comments section, below!

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