Stay Healthy on a Cruise & Still Have Fun!

When it comes to maintaining healthy habits, cruising gets a bad rap. Cruising has a reputation for being an ideal vacation for people who want to eat, drink and lay around the whole time they’re on board. True, there are some folks who do love cruising for these reasons alone! However, in my experience, cruising is also a great vacation for people who want to stay healthy and keep on the go. Renting a jet ski or surfing the Flow Rider will get your heart pumping! You can stay healthy on a cruise and still have a lot of fun.

Here are just a few ways you can stay healthy on a cruise:

  1. Although there are plenty of opportunities to lay around by the pool, cruising also provides a lot of ways for travelers to stay busy and active. For example, when you go on a cruise, you’ll walk everywhere. You may be surprised at the number of steps taken in a day on board! If you wear a Fitbit or other personal fitness device, you’ll be able to track your steps and see how active you’ve been. Walking from the ship to your excursion and walking around in port will also provide you with a chance to keep moving.
  2. Many ships have a track or promenade deck designed for walking or jogging around the ship. For example, Disney Cruise Line cruise ships have a promenade deck, where guests can either sit to enjoy a view of the ocean, or walk or jog all the way around the ship. Royal Caribbean ships have a walking/jogging track on the upper deck of the ship which is marked with distance traveled so joggers or walkers will be able to track their distance. I’ve used the jogging track on Adventure of the Seas, and I enjoyed it!
  3. Most cruise ships have a gym with exercise machines for guests to use. Some offer exercise classes you can attend for no additional fee. Here’s a video demonstrating Royal Caribbean’s “Ship Shape” program.


  1. When it comes to eating healthy food, cruise ships offer fantastic options. They can also usually accommodate special diets, including vegan, vegetarian, kosher, gluten-free and dairy-free choices. Travel blogger Sanna writes her entire blog, Vegan Cruiser, about veganism on board cruise ships. In her recent post, “Can you cruise vegan on Royal Caribbean?” Sanna writes, “[T]hey do offer vegetarian and Indian vegetarian meals and they can adapt dishes so you can expect to be fed. It all depends on the inventive mind, skill and interest of the chefs looking after you. ” There are plenty of fruits, vegetables, salad bars and other healthy menu items that cruisers can enjoy while on board. All it takes is the willpower to avoid overly processed, sugary or fatty foods while on vacation. Even cocktails have healthy options! For example,try Royal Caribbean’s Cucumber Martini. Steer clear of the gooey pink blender drinks, which are high in calories.

Evidently, cruise life is filled with all kinds of choices when it comes to eating, drinking and activities. It’s really up to you to decide how you’ll stay healthy on a cruise.

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