When to Use a Travel Agent to Book a Cruise

There have never been more options for booking your own travel online. However, there are also more ways to screw up that booking! Consulting a travel expert is a great way to save money on cruise travel while leaving the details to a professional to handle. If you’re wondering when to use a travel agent, then this post may help clear up the mystery for you.

My family and I have been guilty of using click-and-book sites in the past, but now that we know the true value a travel agent can bring to planning and executing a family vacation, we’ll always return to using a travel agent to help us.

Travel agents can handle special requests and answer your questions in a way that is easier to understand. Many travel websites have pages and pages of fine-print for you to dig through. Conversely, a travel agent can help you understand all of the minutiae of cruise travel in easy-to-understand language.

It’s especially useful to consult a travel agent if your trip will feature a special event. Examples include a milestone birthday, anniversary or special occasion such as a graduation or bachelorette party. Destination or ship-board weddings also require the use of a travel agent! When arranging group travel, a travel agent can help alleviate potential headaches related to co-ordinating the booking of multiple couples or families on the same trip or cruise.

Examples of When to Use a Travel Agent

  • When multiple families travel together
  • You’re a first-time traveler or cruiser
  • When celebrating special birthdays or anniversaries, e.g. 50th birthday or 25th wedding anniversary
  • If a person in your group is celebrating a high school, college or university graduation
  • When hosting other special occasions or milestones, such as a retirement party on a cruise ship
  • To make sure you get the best deal on a cruise vacation
  • If looking for a personal touch upon arrival in your ship’s stateroom
  • Whenever you want a less hands-on approach to researching and booking a cruise
  • If you want to hand off the responsibility of pricing out multiple options for your cruise
  • When you’re uncomfortable with technology and just want to deal with a real person

The list goes on and on.

In a recent interview on CNBC, Travel + Leisure‘s special projects editor Jacqueline Gifford said, “Sometimes it’s really helpful to go to a person, and this is perhaps when you’re planning a complicated itinerary, a pricey trip, a place to a far-flung corner of the world…it’s really helpful to go to a person.”

For more information and the full interview about when to use a travel agent to book your family’s ideal vacation, check out:


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